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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? or maybe you're just a bit confused. Have a look below for our most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions simply email us at, call us or chat with us on FB!

What is your Cancellation policy?


In order to provide the best cleaning experience possible, we need time to prepare our cleaners to ensure that they are fully-equipped for the job. For this reason, we ask our customers to give us at least 24 hours before canceling an appointment. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment, will incur a $50 charge.

How do I get the best experience?


To ensure your service goes smoothly, we suggest that you:

Communicate openly and clearly with your cleaner when giving instructions

De-clutter your home  (by clearing counters and tables, putting away toys, clothes and accessories, securing valuables, etc)

The less time the cleaners spend decluttering your home before they can actually clean, the better your cleaning experience will be.

Please Note: Extreme clutter/Hoarding is considered a exclusion.

If possible performing a walkthrough at the beginning and end of each appointment.

This eliminates any gray area, and sets clear expectations for both you and your cleaner.

Making sure you indicate any areas you would like cleaners to focus on (or avoid altogether), whether in person or by utilizing our FB page.

Remember, each customer has different expectations. To make sure yours are met, make them clear to your cleaner.

Do I have to be home for the cleaning?


You do not have to be home for the cleaning. 

What if I have pets?


We love animals, but they may not always love us. If you think your pet will be anxious around our cleaners, you can make temporary arrangements for them while we are in your home.  

For the safety of our teams, we cannot:

  • Feed Pets

  • Clean Cages

  • Walk Pets

  • and other related activities

Iqaluit, Nunavut

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